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ALASTAIR GORDON (1922 - 2002)









Bottom LHS



290mm x 400mm




A Good sized botanical watercolour of Cymbidium orchid 'Green Valley' - Lovely detail

Alastair Ninian John Gordon (1920 – 2002) A witty and talented man whose sense of fun remained with him all his life, Lord Aberdeen regularly contributed amusing anecdotes to the letters columns of newspapers. But publication in The Oldie last year at age 80 of his 'Good Whore Guide' a tale of sexual adventures, starring himself as ''a sex-starved subaltern'' while serving with the Scots Guards, gained him instant notoriety as well as a considerably wider audience than for his plant paintings. The colourful entertainments provided across two continents were all carefully catalogued and described.

The 6th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair, who has died aged 82, was known to connoisseurs of botanical art as Alastair Gordon, a painter of flowers and plants; at the age of 80 he became better known to a wider public when he gave a frank account of his youthful exploits among the bordellos of Beirut, London and Paris. Lord Aberdeen was well-known to readers of The Daily Telegraph as a regular contributor of funny stories to the newspaper's letters' column.

Over the years, he sold more than 700 works and exhibited in Britain, America and Australia.

He became a member of the International Association of Art Critics and, during the 1960s, was modern art correspondent for Connoisseur magazine. He was chairman of the Arts Club from 1966 to 1976.

In spite of his colourful younger days, his marriage was a very happy one; his wife always regarded his interest in matters sexual with tolerant amusement. Recently, they appeared together in the BBC documentary television series about the British aristocracy.