ANNE SHRAGER (b. 1948)









Oil on Board 


Bottom RHS


260 mm x 180 mm

(10 inch x 7 inch)


290 mm x 210 mm

(11.5inch x 8.5  inch)




Exhibited at the Premiums Show in 1973, a small impressionist oil on canvas of men working in the field with hoes and spades and a wooden wheelbarrow to the RHS, probably set in Africa/India. This piece it not signed, but on verso label information regarding the artist and title of the piece was recorded for this particular exhibition

Ann Shrager (b.1948)

Ann Shrager was born in London and studied at The Byam Shaw School of Painting, the International Summer Academy, Salzburg and the Royal Academy School under Peter Greenham (1967 - 1973).

Ann Shrager's art work is inspired by her various travels. Venice has always been a favourite location. More recently images of India feature predominantly in her contemporary paintings. She successfully captures the beauty and elegance of the country and its people.

She works in oil and watercolour taking inspiration from a wide spectrum of artistic movements. This is reflected in her treatment of her subject matter where her uncluttered approach deliberately allows the viewer to reach his or her own response to the moment captured. Whether she is painting misty scenes of rowers on the River Thames or vibrant sari clad villagers in Africa, her brushwork and use of colour creates a balance in which the work manages to be both spontaneous and lively whilst retaining sensitivity and simplicity. 

There is a quietness about Ann Shrager's art work. Although colour plays a key part in her paintings there is a subdued softness to her modern art. This coupled with simplicity and space are recurring themes in Ann Shrager paintings, making them enduring modern art pieces.

Ann has been a member of the New English Art Club since 1975. She has won a number of awards and her work also hangs in many corporate and private collections including Mitsubishi and De Beers.

In addition to Red Rag British Art Gallery Ann Shrager has exhibited at many other leading British Modern Art Galleries. Each painting at Red Rag is sourced from the Ann Shrager artist studio and like all Red Rag Modern art and Contemporary art it can be shipped worldw