Trish O' Shea

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Trish O ’Shea gained a degree in Fine Art Printmaking at Sheffield Hallam in 1983. Her career in the Creative Industries spans over thirty years and, in that time, as you can imagine, she has worked on many and varied projects.


Trish has taught Art at secondary school level for sixteen of the years, and lectured at University level, mainly with Architecture students around creative engagement and participation.


She has never really defined herself as a ’type of artist’ but worked in a variety of media, and with different people and organisations to explore and realise ideas and fulfil commissions.

Hence Trish has worked with film, photography, performance/spoken word, text, installation, and 3D.

Trish has collaborated with some remarkable practitioners over the years, who have inspired her. Jim Welch who encouraged her to develop ideas around creativity in the work-place and in the business context, also Mike McCarthy for helping her to develop her participatory practise, Ruth Ben-Tovim with whom she formed Encounters devising and producing innovative participatory projects, installations and performance and Choreographer and Artist Simon Birch, with whom she still collaborates producing work incorporating film, sound, movement and installation. 

Original Oil Paintings



Oil on Board



Oil on Canvas

The inspiration for my work is spending time in nature, walking through woods, by rivers, along valleys and taking time to look out at panoramic views that encompass all these and more. Not only do the larger aspects of the landscape inspire and captivate me, such as clouds floating overhead and sweeping shadows across hills, but also the smaller elements such as a grass moving in a gentle breeze, a tiny acorn shell or a broken piece of bird’s egg fallen from a nest.


Final pieces result from sketching, note-taking and memory and are semi-abstract incorporating marks, texture, line and layered paint. My work depicts the land and also a ‘sense’ of it, such as light, weather, atmosphere and movement. I also represent internal imagined spaces, which I often find and move into when in nature. One painting can incorporate different places, views, times and memory and reflect the sense of moving within landscapes, woodlands and valleys.


I was born and brought up in North Yorkshire, and as a child spent hours in the countryside exploring and playing, when one would set out for a day in the morning and reappear home in time for tea. Nature was a permanent backdrop to my life. Therefore, my work is not only a reflection of my recent time spent predominantly in the Derbyshire landscape, but has to some extent also been a rediscovery for me. I hope you enjoy the results.

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