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faith tresider sheppard 1920 - 2008 welwyn garden city oil on canvas.jpg




20TH Century


Oil on canvas


Bottom RHS



600 mm x 500 mm


720 mm x 610 mm





Large oil on canvas by Faith Tresider Sheppard, of the Cherry Tree Restaurant building in Welwyn Garden City, with its distinctive arches and shutters. Beautiful paint application in her usual impressionist style. The painting has a lovely summery feel with the trees in full leaf and the sunshine hitting the building, the blue sky and the the dappled light breaking through the tree canopy. A number of people are wandering around and the front of the building. A bike leans up against a bollard on the RHS. Faith lived in Welwyn Garden City so she would have known this building well.


Opened in 1921 and then renovated in 1935 by Whitbread, The Cherry Tree Restaurant was one of the finest restaurants and social/community centres in the county. It had a large Hall, bar, games room, Saloon bar and Lounge and hosted many events over the decades as well as hosting gigs for Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin in the late 1960s.


Sadly it was demolished in 1991 - with only the façade remaining as part of the Waitrose supermarket now occupying the site

Welwyn Garden City is a town in Hertfordshire, England. It is located approximately 20 miles (32 km) from Kings Cross, London. Welwyn Garden City was the second garden city in England (founded 1920) and one of the first 'new towns' (designated 1948).

It is unique in being both a garden city and a new town and exemplifies the physical, social and cultural planning ideals of the periods in which it was built.


Faith Tresider Sheppard (1920-2008) was born 1920 in London, she lived at 4 King’s House, 396 King’s Road, then moving to Welwyn Garden City in 1933. She additionally owned a cottage in Groeston in North Wales.

She was known for painting harbour scenes, seascapes, landscapes, still life and portraits. Her preferred medium was oil, though on occasions used watercolour. 

Faith was educated in London, studying art under her mothers direction (Nancy Huntly nee Sheppard) then the Byam Shaw School of Art, The Chelsea School of Art, and at the Royal Academy Schools. Faith had many sell out exhibitions around Europe in the 1960’s and 70’s including two sell out exhibitions at a prominent Beverly Hills gallery in the USA.

Faith’s works are held in many private collections in the UK as well as overseas, including the private collection of the late H. M. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Whilst exhibiting at the Paris Salon, she won the St Jean Cap Ferrat Honourable mention in 1970, the silver medal in 1975 and the Gold medal in 1978. She was a member of many art societies in London and the provinces.

Faith’s paintings belong to a large extent to the French school. Her style has all the vitality of impressionism, everywhere with sunlight and colour abound, tempered with this French influence is an inherent sense of peace found in many landscapes of the French school.