HAROLD GRESLEY (1892 - 1967)





1930 - 1940's




Bottom RHS


Painting measuremant

380 mm x 270 mm

(15 inch x 10.75 inch)

Framed measurement

630 mm x 520 mm

( 25 inch x 20.5 inch) 




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Nice sized watercolour by well known and highly collected Derbyshire artist Harold Gresley, depicting a scene in Dovedale, Derbyshire. To the RHS a number of catlle are trailing down to the river bank to take the water, two of the cattle are standing in the water. To the back drop are the Derbyshire Dovedales and to the LHS a number of figures collecting plants by the river bank into a basket. 

Gresley’s work is filled with light which has been captured with a real delicacy of touch. His paintings are a wonderful example of the beautiful results which can be achieved with the tricky medium of watercolour. They are never overworked but are still filled with an incredible level of detail.


HAROLD GRESLEY (1892 - 1967)

Harold Gresley was an early 20th century watercolour painter of landscapes and he painted many scenes of Derbyshire including many places around Dovedale, the River Trent, villages, farmhouses and other scenes in the countryside. Harold Gresley was born in Derbyshire and studied at the Derby School of Art in 1912 but when the war broke out he was enlisted in the Sherwood Foresters and in 1917 he won a Distinguished Conduct Medal. On return to the country he continued his studies in art at Nottingham in 1919, learning much from the landscape painter Arthur Spooner. He had a studio in Irongate, Derby and also taught at Repton School from 1924 for many years.

He soon became a notable painter of landscapes and portraits in watercolour and oil and the Derbyshire Museum and Art Gallery has a substantial collection of his work. He lived in Chellaston, near Derby until his death in 1967.

He was the son of Frank Gresley and grandson of James Stephen Gresley, both of whom were highly accomplished landscape artists and known for their beautiful watercolours of the Trent Valley and the hilly landscape Derbyshire countryside.