FRANK GRESLEY (1855 - 1936)





late 19th, early 20th century




Bottom RHS


Painting measuremant

500 mm x 290 mm

(20 inch x 11.5 inch)

Framed measurement

770 mm x 560 mm

(30 inch x 22 inch) 



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Fabulous, good sized, watercolour painting by very collectable Derbyshire artist Frank Gresley. The painting is a scene across the River Trent looking towards Shardlow. To the RHS is Broughton House and the Navigation Public House with a number of figures walking along the river bank. To the LHS various buidlings and cattle in the fields. The River trent is beautifully painted in the foreground with lovely reflections from the water and river bank plants to the front. 


Bottom RHS



Good condition - please refer to pictures


FRANK GRESLEY (1855 - 1936)

Frank Gresley was a British artist from a well known artistic family. He painted mainly landscapes, of which the best known are those of the River Trent at Swarkestone, Barrow upon Trent and Ingleby, Derbyshire. His father, James Stephen Gresley, was an artist, and his two sons Harold and Cuthbert also became artists.

Frank Gresley became a prestigious landscape artist. Well known and respected in his hometown of Chellaston, he was the father of later Gresley's Cuthbert and Harold. Situated in the suburbs of Derby for much of his life, his paintings of Derby villages are highly sought after by local residents. His works of Swarkestone, Barrow-upon-Trent and Chellaston offer collectors a piquant snapshot of a rural and simplified past. Most of Frank's works are executed in watercolour, and it goes without a doubt that he was influenced by his father's style - of pastoral, vivid and colourful scenes that glorify the rural scenes of Derbyshire. 

Gresley lived most of his life in Chellaston, Derbyshire. Some of his paintings were donated to Derby Museum and Art Gallery by Alfred E. Goodey.