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PAT COOKE (1935 - 2000)












440 mm x 390 mm


595 mm x 545mm




Good sized watercolour and ink painting in Pat Cooke's quirky style depicting farming buildings surrounded by fencing. Inside the yard are a number of characters including a woman with french bread batons walking along steps towards one of the buildings, a small girl with pigtails and a group of men chatting and smoking in the foreground wearing berets. Great detail a wonderful collectable piece by this progege of L.S Lowry

Pat Cooke, otherwise known as Patricia Gerrard Cooke (1935-2000) was a well-known artist in ink and watercolour. Most of her work is of quirky landscapes or buildings or vignettes of people in humorous situations.

She was the daughter of Frank and Lilian Gerrard. They lived in Mottram in Longdendale, in Cheshire and it was here that Pat was to meet L.S. Lowry, who was later to live in the same village.


In 1946 she passed her scholarship to Hyde Grammar School and in 1948 she was introduced to Lowry who came to live at ‘the Elms’ in her village.


The two struck up a friendship that lasted the rest of Lowry’s life. Lowry encouraged her to find which subjects she liked, keep a limited palette and not to be influenced to change her natural style.


Unlike Mr Lowry, Pat enjoyed visiting lively places such as night clubs and wine bars and many of her works are influenced by overheard conversations. Cooke studied at the Slade school of Art and University College London before becoming a teacher.


Earlier works of hers are signed 'Gerrard Cooke' until around 1967, but she later started signing as 'Pat Cooke'.

After nine years of teaching she then decided to become a full time artist and illustrator. She held over forty exhibitions in locations including London, Amsterdam, Manchester, Dublin, Liverpool, Salford, Bolton, Newcastle upon Tyne.


Over the years Pat and her husband Brian Cooke would spend a lot of time with Lowry visiting many parts of the UK and Ireland, their final trip together was in 1970.


Her work is now in numerous public and private collections and is highly sought after.