New in - Fabulous John Neale Impressionist oil painting

Gorgeous oil painting by John Neale - depicting a view across Portlemouth. To the RHS, is a beach area with a number of people sitting near a boat below a line of cottages, and a number of people just about to set off across the water. In the distance more boats in the bay with hills beyond. The artist is well known for the way he captures the light in his painting and this piece is no exception - the work is stunning and the brush strokes and colours incorporated into the sky are wonderful

A skilful, lovely painting John Neale has been painting professionally now for many years and has had many successful exhibitions in Bond Street and Albemarle Street in London and in the provinces, as well as New York - and New Zealand. He has worked in many countries in Europe, also Australia, New Zealand and the USA. His work can be seen at The Estuary Gallery, Salcombe, Devon, where he resides in the summer months. He lives part of the year in Stratford upon Avon and for most of the winter he goes trout fishing and painting in New Zealand.

John considers himself an artist working in the English tradition, but greatly influenced by the French Impressionists, he paints mostly in oil and watercolour. He enjoys the challenge of painting in the open air and particularly in capturing the varied effects of sunlight and shadows. John sees himself as very fortunate to have had guidance from the late Edward Seago, an artist considered by many to be the greatest English landscape painter since John Constable. At one time, John's studio was a narrow boat which featured in a television film about his work made by the BBC. John has been a regular exhibitor at John Noott Galleries in Broadway in the Cotswolds.

John has also been represented by galleries in London, the provinces, USA and New Zealand.

John Neale considers himself and artist in the English tradition greatly influenced by the French Impressionists. He enjoys the challenge of painting in the open air and particularly like painting the effect of sunlight and shadows, he therefore spends a lot of time painting in the Greek islands.

In the 1980's John was invited to Balmoral to do a painting for H.M. The Queen. The same year he sold two of his paintings to the Oscar winning actor Ben Kingsley. 

John Neale - Beach Scene Portlemouth, Devon

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