Simon Lewis Birch originates from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire but is now based in Cornwall. He studied at Loughborough College of Art and Design before going on to study dance at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. He views himself as both a visual and movement artist. His work, which spans choreography, performance and visual art, has been presented at venues including the Tate St. Ives, Newlyn Art Gallery and the Workstation, Sheffield. His drawings, paintings and prints are inspired by his passion for movement. Simon was the recipient of the Wooda Art Award 2008 and was a choreographer on the International Dance Course for Professional Choreographers and Composer in1995.


The two paintings below are from 2005, a period in time when Simon lived in Yorkshire. These two works are inspired by the movement of light on the surface of water. Golden Trees and Green Lake, are both views over Waterloo Lake, Roundhay Park on the outskirts of Leeds. Waterloo Lake is said to have been constructed by soldiers who had returned from the Napoleonic wars. To create these paintings Simon first poured thin watered-down acrylic paint on the canvas and then tipped the canvas so that the paint swirled over the surface before trickling off. The marks left behind formed the foundation on which the rest of the paint was layered.

Below is Simon's new collection of work entitled;

'Remembered & Imagined Gardens'. 

Gardens Remembered and Imagined is a collection of works inspired by recollections of the gardens of my childhood. Growing up, gardens were my playgrounds, places of adventure and this collection of paintings, linocuts and drawings is part memory and part imagination.

This collection is based on memories of the halcyon days of my childhood. The gardens in my youth, like the virtual worlds of today’s video games, were places for adventure and escapism. Gardens were, as they now are for many of us, emotionally restorative and sanctuaries from the challenges of life.

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