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20th Century




Bottom LHS - artist proof stamp



360mm x 485mm


475mm x 610mm




The Wandering Jew is a mythical immortal man whose legend began to spread in Europe in the 13th century.

The original legend concerns a Jew who taunted Jesus on the way to the Crucifixion and was then cursed to walk the earth until the Second Coming. The exact nature of the wanderer's indiscretion varies in different versions of the tale, as do aspects of his character; sometimes he is said to be a shoemaker or other tradesman, while sometimes he is the doorman at Pontius Pilate's estate.

Etching Israeli - signed in pencil 7/90 - verso London Graphic Art - Mayfair Gallery - from first book of Micah - stamped - embossed down the Left Hand Side


Zvi Milshtein, is an Israli artist, born 1934 into an upper-middle class Jewish family from Kichinev, a village in Bessarabia located on the russo-rumanian border, Milshtein was surrounded by art from childhood on. He later immigrated to Israel and is a writer as well as a painter.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
1950-55 Israeli Artists' Exhibition, Tel-Aviv Museum, Tel-Aviv
1956 Cimaise de Paris, Paris
1957 'School of Paris", Charpentier Gallery, Paris
1958 "School of Paris", 


In 1956, he received a scholarship from the Norman Foundation that allows him to travel to Paris. In 1963, he exhibited his prints along with his paintings. In 1965, he published MICROCOSME, his first artist's book. In 1966, he won the "Critics' Prize" for engraving. In 1967, DOSSIER SOLANGE is the first literary text of Milshtein 3 . Since 1986, Milshtein is interested in Digigraphie 4 .

In 1991, Roland Topor invites him to participate in the last Panique exhibition and collaborates in the magazine Le Fou Parle 5 .

Since 2007 Milshtein has his workshop in the Rhône at Gleizé where he also lives.

Solo exhibitions 

  • 1952: Tel Aviv (Israel), Studio Avni

  • 1955: Tel Aviv (Israel), Museum

  • 1957: Paris, Saint Placide Gallery

  • 1958: Paris, The Cave of the Saint-Placide Gallery - Paris, Galerie Katia Granoff

  • 1959: Tel Aviv (Israel), Museum Dizengoff House

  • 1960: Paris, Galerie Katia Granoff

  • 1961: Paris, Galerie Katia Granoff

  • 1962: Tel-Aviv (Israel), Chemerinsky Art Gallery - Jerusalem (Israel), Bezalel National Museum - New York (United States), Bodley Gallery - Bat Yam (Israel), Bat Yam Museum

  • 1963: Geneva (Switzerland), Museum of Art and History, Cabinet of Prints

  • 1964: Paris, Galerie Katia Granoff

  • 1965: Paris, Librairie-Galerie Alexandre Loewy

  • 1966: Paris, Saint-Placide Gallery - Brussels (Belgium), Le Creuset Gallery

  • 1966: Washington (United States) Brentano's Museum Shop - New York (USA), The New Masters Gallery

  • 1967: Paris, Kieffer Gallery

  • 1968: Tel-Aviv (Israel), The Tel Aviv Museum - Dizengoff House - London (Great Britain), London Graphic Arts Gallery

  • 1970: Paris, ARC, Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris

  • 1971: Brussels (Belgium), Galerie L'Angle Acute

  • 1973: Rome (Italy) Galleria San Sebastianello - Lausanne (Switzerland), White Gallery

  • 1974: Paris, Georges Visat Gallery

  • 1975: Tel Aviv (Israel), Museum-Paris, Librairie Entente-Lausanne (Switzerland), Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts-Odense (Denmark), Fyns Stifts Kunstmuseum

  • 1976: Tel-Aviv (Israel), Darom Gallery - Odense (Denmark), House of Artists

  • 1977: Paris, Galerie Scripturiom - Odense (Denmark), Schiang Gallery

  • 1978: Paris, National Library - Paris, Artcurial

  • 1979: Troyes, Thibaud de Champagne Cultural Center - Paris, Galerie Negru

  • 1980: Tel Aviv (Israel), Rosenfeld Gallery

  • 1982: Tel-Aviv (Israel), Rosenfeld Gallery - Paris, Fresh Paint Gallery

  • 1983: Créteil, House of Arts

  • 1984: Issy-les-Moulineaux, Alain Gutharc Gallery & Muriel Schnebert -Rouen, Bookstore Galerie Ponctuation -Paris, TWA - Paris, Caroline Corre Gallery -New Haven (United States), Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven - Paris, Academy from Sèvres

  • 1985: Enghien, Galerie Alain Gutharc & Gigi Lacorre -Saint-Brieuc, Cultural Action Center -Nîmes, Chapel of Salamandre -Orléans, La Chèvre Dance Gallery -Paris, Galerie Pierre Lescot -Mâcon, House of Culture -Stockholm (Sweden), Arte Atrium Gallery

  • 1986: Grenoble, Galerie Jean-Marie Cupillard -Odense (Denmark), Brandts Klaedefabrik - New York (United States), Gallery 44-Gothenburg (Sweden), Galleri Mustad - Geneva (Switzerland), Galerie Kara

  • 1987: Malmö (Sweden), Institut Français -Annecy, Cultural Action Center -Zürich (Switzerland), Galerie Klopfer -Stockholm (Sweden), Institut Français -Bâle (Switzerland), Art 18'87, Galerie Goldman - Haifa -Bâle (Switzerland), Art 18'87, Kara-Geneva Gallery, -Stockholm (Sweden), Art Fair, Mustad Gallery - Gothenburg, Stockholm (Sweden), Gummesons Gallery -Bocholt (Germany), Galerie am Finkenbusch / Siedlaczek

  • 1988: Tel-Aviv (Israel), Gallery Rosenfeld - Sundsvall (Sweden), Sundsvalls Museum - Montbeliard, Contemporary Art Center -Montbeliard, Castle Museum -Herouville, Theater -Geneva (Switzerland), Kara Gallery -Valencia (Spain) , Interarte -Madrid (Spain), Arco

  • 1989: Paris, SAGA, Jacqueline Felman Gallery - Paris, Horgen (Switzerland), Murbach Gallery - Montbéliard, Galerie Le Présent - Toulouse, Art Library

  • 1990: Paris, Galerie Katia Granoff -Paris, Galerie Expression -Evry, Aire Libre Contemporary Art -Nice, Galerie Chifflet

  • 1991: Paris, Galerie Jean Briance -Montbrisson, Allard Museum -Besançon, Medici Gallery -Le Havre, Galerie Slotine-Perkowsky -Lyon, Galerie Hermès

  • 1992: Nice, Galerie Chifflet - Bäterrkinden (Switzerland), Galerie Zur Krone - Paris, CIES

  • 1993: Saint-Quentin, Espace Saint-Jacques-Paris, Area-Paris, Galerie Renaud Richebourg-Moscow (Russia), House of the Press

  • 1994: Vesoul, Chapel of the City Hall -Vesoul, Museum -Paris, Area -Saint-Émilion, Cloister of the Dominicans -Strasbourg, Nicole Buck Gallery -Strasbourg, General Treasury

  • 1995: Troyes, Museum of Modern Art - Paris, Area - Fécamp, Benedictine Palace

  • 1996: Warsaw, Krolokania Museum - Bourges, House of Culture

  • 1997: Paris, Les Filles du Calvaire Gallery -Corbeil-Essonnes, Commanderie Saint-Jean -Paris, Area -Paris, Espace Rachi

  • 1998: Frankfurt, Goethe Institute

  • 1999: London, Bourlet Gallery

  • 2000: Paris, Area -Kiev (Ukraine) Museum of Russian Art -Cluj (Romania), French Institute -Cergy Pontoise, Agglomeration Hotel -Kichinev (Moldova), Museum -Luzern (Switzerland), Galerie Diebold-Schilling

  • 2001: Sopot (Poland), Pantswowa Galeria Ztuki - Vienna (Austria), Galerie Hofstätter - Nice, Original Gallery

  • 2002: Olsztyn (Poland), SztukiBwa Gallery - Paris, Luxembourg Garden

  • 2003: Metz, House of Culture of Metz - Denmark, Galleri M - Mougins, Gallery In the Sky - Warsaw (Poland), theatrical performance "Song of the Dog" in Polish Warsaw (Poland) troupe Amavada.

  • 2004: Geneva (Switzerland), Thirteen Line Gallery - Caen, Exhibition and theatrical performance The song of the Amavada troop dog.

  • 2005: Caen, Petit Lieu Poileboine - Macon, Caroline Corre Gallery

  • 2006: Strasbourg, Council of Europe -Paris, 3rd arrondissement town hall -Chamalières, Contemporary Art Gallery -Lyon, Gallery the eye listens -Paris, Garcia Gallery - Laporte -Paris, Rashi Space -Paris, La Reserve d 'area -Saint-Émilion, Château l'Angelus -Paris, Galerie Meyer -Gand (Belgium), Le Bihan -Brussels (Belgium), Lineart -Paris, Up'Art Galerie du Quai

  • 2007: Senate Orangery "Fairies and small wonders

  • 2008: Brussels, April Collective exhibition of Prints, at the gallery Up'Art - Sibui (Romania) museum - Romania theatrical performance "The Song of the Dog" Amavada troupe

  • 2009 - Gleizé, Theatrical performance The song of the troop dog Amavada - Colombes, Theater of the Avant-Scène - Paris, Dorothy's gallery Art Stories fantasies unveiled - Saulxures the Bulgnéville, Castle Saulxures the Bulgnéville - City on Jarnioux, Galerie Chybuslski - Lyon , Museum of Castings

  • 2010: Reims, "Winds of East, Winds of West": big retrospective - Vichy, 8th world triennial of printmaking and original engraving - Reims, Duchene Duck theme exhibition - Saint Étienne, Greenhouses of Fine Arts - Gleizé , Heritage Day at the workshop (old tractors) - Caen, exhibition with Amavada

  • 2011: Paris, Area - Eclipse closure - Paris Cabaret Milshtein Vodka, Russian paintings and grandfather

  • 2012: Sens, "To your papers!", Exhibition at Sens 6 - Décines museum , Toboggan - Lyon, Pallade - Fareins Gallery, Trouville Collection - "la chambre des merveilles" - Paris, 10th arrondissement town hall -

  • 2013: City on Jarnioux, Galerie Chybuslski and Edition of the book "Frogs of Aristophanes" - Paris, exhibition CHIFRA

  • 2014: Paris, Patriarchs Gallery - Lyon, Curtain Theaters Celestins - Saint Briac, Butcher Gallery - Caen, exhibition and play (birthday) with Amavada - Montreuil, The winters

  • 2015: Paris, Corcia Gallery - Seyne sur mer, Villa Tamaris - Villeurbanne, Keren Or Liberal Synagogue - Vogüé, Castle

  • 2016: Metz, European Days of Jewish Culture-Lorraine Metz - Chybulski Gallery (Galerie Hinter dem Rathaus Wismar Germany and Utopia in Rome)

  • 2017: Paris, Corcia Gallery


Public collections in France and abroad [ edit change the code ]

  • Abbeville - Boucher Museum of Perthes 7

  • Amiens Municipal Library - donation Alin Avila (2000)

  • Arles Media Library

  • Arras General Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais (1994)

  • Brookings (United States)

  • Brussels (Belgium) Royal Library

  • Champagne-Ardenne Regional Fund of Contemporary Art

  • Corbeil-Essonnes City (1997)

  • Dusseldorf (Germany) Kunstverein

  • Eilat (Israel) Museum of Modern Art

  • Geneva (Switzerland) Museum of Art and History

  • Gothenburg (Sweden) Museum

  • Jaffa (Israel) Museum

  • Jerusalem (Israel) Bezalel Museum

  • Ile de France Artothèque of the CRDP of the Académie de Créteil

  • Lausanne (Switzerland) Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts

  • Lyon Théatre des Célestins

  • Miramas Art Library (1994)

  • Montbeliard Castle Museum of the Dukes of Wurstemberg (1988)

  • New York (United States) Moma, the Museum of Modern Art 8

  • Odense (Denmark) Museum

  • Paris National Library of France

  • Paris National Center of Plastic Arts

  • Paris Hotel Astra

  • Paris Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris 9

  • Paris Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris (1984) 10

  • Paris Center Pompidou, Kandinsky Library

  • Paris-La-Defense Orkem (1988)

  • Saint-Brieuc Art Library

  • Saint-Denis Museum of Art and History

  • Saint-Quentin Art Library

  • Sundsvall (Sweden) Museum

  • Tel Aviv (Israel) Museum

  • Troyes Museum of Modern Art

  • Toulon Museum - Donation Alin Avila (1993)

  • Villeurbanne - Liberal Synagogue Keren Gold